Jill Malek


Jill Malek’s New York based award-winning designer wallcoverings are hand-screen printed locally and inspired by the fluctuating patterns of nature and urban landscapes. Her work has appeared in many high- profile commercial locales, and her collection of modern children’s wallcoverings with famed interior designers, SISSY+MARLEY, has received widespread international attention. All paper comes untrimmed, unpasted and is Class-A Rated. Designs can also be fully customized, and printed on commercial-grade Type II Vinyl for high traffic hospitality projects requiring certain fire code standards.


With offices in New York, Italy and South America, Jill Malek has partnered with the branding agency, Involucra, to offer a broad array of services including print and web design, brand concepting, packaging and environmental design. Our international team works on projects for smaller emerging businesses as well as campaigns for larger, established corporations. Our attitude has enabled us to work with clients from various countries, and on markets that are totally different from one another. Ultimately, we seek to increase a client’s business opportunities by creating models that communicate strong messages.