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Jill Malek + Involucra - Web agency New York + Brand agency New York

Our final aim is to increase a client's business opportunities by creating effective models capable of transmitting strong and persuasive messages.

Web Design

Website design creates a unique and innovative navigation experience, observing the usable standards for brand development online.

  • Information architecture, design and build
  • Interactive design
  • Micro sites
  • E-commerce
  • Standard compliant website coding
  • Database and web application development
  • Content management system
  • Flash animation

Mobile design

From 2009 to the present, web traffic from mobile devices has more than tripled, surpassing traffic from desktops and laptops in terms of number of visits and time spent by each user in web browsing. Today the user seeks a 360° relationship with brands, via a multichannel access.

We deliver performant mobile websites that are user-friendly and cross-platform:

  • iOS and Android (both for smartphones and tablet)

In order to create a unique and dynamic navigational experience, we rigorously combine the necessary elements of user interaction:

  • functional
  • visual
  • textual
  • contextual

By following the processes of mobile design, we consider every factor which may affect the performance of the mobile site itself, any combination that can improve the navigation flow (backend and frontend), as well as any limitation due to poor network coverage.

Web Marketing

Our services are geared towards analyzing and planning strategies related to positioning in the top lists of search engines, SEO (search engine optimization) and online advertising campaigns, and web marketing.

  • Tailor made consulting services
  • Seo and sem
  • Keywords advertising campaign
  • Email marketing
  • Statistical services
  • Web brand awareness


Branding implies being able to influence the client before the product itself does. We aim to highlight the details of the product by distinctive imagery that is remembered easily.

  • Logo design and brand identity
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Keywords advertising campaign
  • Creative concepts


By analyzing the market in order to offer a truly unique product, a specific and personalized image is studied and modified to enhance the strength of the brand.

  • Stationary
  • Brochures
  • Packaging
  • Wallpaper