Felt Mural for the Yellow Magnolia Café

This project, a 100-foot-long mural at New York’s Brooklyn Botanical Garden, was created in collaboration with the Rockwell Group, an interdisciplinary architecture firm known for creating theatrical hospitality environments. Jill Malek was asked to design a functional wall art installation in a public space, the newly renovated Yellow Magnolia Café. Its mission was to create a soothing while textural and visually-captivating piece inspired by the magnolia flower.

This commission encouraged the studio to think about how wallcoverings could in fact be a genuine piece of art and inspired us to start creating more large-scale murals that were not confined by repeat patterns.” Printed on Maya Romanoff felt, with additional sewn accents by Daniel Tillman from C3 Design, the horizontal piece is installed in a beautiful sunlit glass atrium with views of the garden.