Installation Instruction


Jill Malek's hand-printed wallpaper requires a skilled paperhanger for a successful installation. Carefully examine all merchandise before trimming or hanging.

It is recommend to use a good quality, clear, pre-mixed vinyl adhesive, such as Roman PRO-880. Walls should be primed with a product that is compatible with the wallpaper adhesive, prior to installation. Since the condition of the walls and humidity levels may affect installations, it is recommended to test adhesives on the wallpaper prior to hanging. All adhesives must be thoroughly washed from the front of the wallpaper surface. Change the rinse water often.

It is recommended that you “book” (fold pasted sides together) and let stand for about 5 minutes. Match paper on the wall at eye level. Jill Malek is not responsible for hung material. Paper hanging charges are independent of the printing and shipping costs for this product. If you run short, please expect the standard 2-4 week time period for additional rolls.

Many steps have been taken to ensure that you receive a beautifully crafted product. Jill Malek's paper is carefully inspected before it is shipped, however since it is made by hand, machine accuracy should not be expected.



IMPORTANT: If at any time before or during installation you do not understand these Application Instructions or if a discrepancy is discovered in pattern, color or quality, STOP. Contact your distributor before proceeding. Before cutting, carefully examine goods to make certain pattern and color are satisfactory and as ordered. Any deviation from these application instructions will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Install all wallcovering under adequate lighting and heated conditions that will exist when the space is occupied.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Remove old wallcovering completely then remove any remaining adhesive with a good quality adhesive remover. Rinse wall and allow to dry. All surfaces to receive vinyl wallcovering must be smooth, clean, dry and structurally sound. Newly plastered walls must not have excessive quantities of lime or alkali. Prime wall with a heavy-­‐‑duty acrylic/latex wallcovering primer.

Plaster and masonry wall surfaces should not exceed 5.5% moisture as measured by a moisture meter. A moisture meter should be used to determine moisture content. Do not install a wallcovering unless a temperature above 55 degrees Fahrenheit/ 12.77 degrees Celsius is maintained in both areas of installation and storage for three (3) days after the installation. If there are any questions concerning the surface to be covered, a test installation of at least three (3) strips applied three (3) days in advance of the main installation is recommended.

APPLICATION: Most digitally printed pattern offered by Jill Malek should be reverse hung. Contact Jill Malek if you have questions about a specific pattern BEFORE hanging it.This wallcovering requires the use of a heavy duty, premixed vinyl adhesive. Dilution of adhesive is not recommended. By first laying two strips together on the table or floor prior to pasting, the proper match can be determined. On random textures or non-­‐‑directional stripes, reverse each strip. The match and design of each pattern determines whether it should be reversed or not. Your distributor or dealer can help you with this information.3. Apply the recommended adhesive to the back using either a paste machine or a paint roller. Work the adhesive in to cover the back completely, especially near the edges. Fold or “book” each end toward the middle, pasted sides together, aligning the edges carefully so they do not dry out. CAUTION: Do not crease the wallcovering. Allow to “relax” or book for 10 minutes (booking). This will allow the adhesive to penetrate the wallcovering fabric which is important for a successful installation. 4. Hang the first strip parallel to a plumb line. After three (3) strips are installed, inspect the wallcovering. If the pattern effect is not acceptable or if there is variation in color, discontinue hanging and contact the dealer or distributor immediately. The manufacturer will not be responsible for labor beyond three strips. Defective material will be replaced.

WARRANTY: This wallcovering is covered by the manufacturer’s limited 5 year warranty. We cannot accept responsibility for claims if the above instructions are not followed, nor are we liable for labor and associated cost beyond three strips, over and above the cost for the replacement material.

CLEANING OF WALLCOVERING: Stains and paste on the surface should be removed as quickly as possible to eliminate any possible reaction between the staining agent and the wallcovering. Ordinary dirt and smudges can be removed with a mild soap and warm water. Clean from the bottom of the wall upward to protect the baseboard and to prevent streaking. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down using a sponge. Blot wallcovering dry with a soft, lint-­‐‑free towel. For more difficult stains, use of a stronger detergent is recommended. Try an inconspicuous spot first before attempting the entire wall. Always rinse the wall well after applying a detergent. The use of steel wool or powdered abrasive cleaners is not recommended for cleaning. Do not use active solvent-­‐‑type cleaning preparations, such as nail polish remover, tar and bug removers or liquid cleaners with a high alcohol content exceeding 50%.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: A heat gun can be used to facilitate ease of installation around corners.

PRODUCT USE ADVISORY: This product is intended for use in buildings designed and maintained to avoid moisture accumulation on or within walls, particularly in warm, humid climates.