Red Plate, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

On this project, Jill worked closely with the team at Celano Design Studio, a New York-based architecture and interior design firm specializing in the hospitality and lifestyle industry. She was commissioned to create a custom immersive wall-to-ceiling wallcovering at the Red Plate in the trendy Cosmopolitan Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Because the restaurant serves upscale Cantonese cuisine, the mural was intended to speak to traditional Chinese landscape artwork. The piece helped break up the verticality of the space with the use of extended painted bars and layered textures. While the artwork used was initially hand-painted and hand-drawn, the final piece was digitally printed on a commercial wallcovering ground to allow for cleanability and a structured look throughout the interior.

The project was also located in the same hotel where Jill's first major hospitality job was installed in 2009: wallpaper with the Anemone pattern, inspired by the undulating movements of flowering sea anemone, was used on the walls of fifty floors located on the east and west corridors of the hotel.